Why sell your property by owner?  Protecting your hard earned equity is the biggest reason. But, know that it takes your time and effort to sell it!  We are here to help you as a resource.

Here's what you need to get started:

1. Set a price
To succeed in selling your property, pricing it competitively is critical. The objective is to accurately match up your property to those that are currently on the market and those that have sold in your immediate area with similar styles.  A good place to start is to look on your latest real estate tax bill and see what the assessed value and fair market value states.  Watch what neighboring homes are selling for.  In setting a price, you may also want to consider any terms to offer a buyer, such as will you or will you not contribute towards the buyer's closing costs, or even work with a local Realtor should they bring you a buyer.

2. Get forms and documents
Gather all the legal documents necessary to complete the sale of your property.  Review them carefully and consult your attorney if you have questions.

3. Arrange a real estate attorney
You may want to choose a real estate attorney to represent you in the sale and closing of your property.

4. Arrange a title company
You will need to select a title company to provide title insurance to your buyer.  If you can find your existing policy, check with the title company you chose to see if they will give you a discount for providing the current policy.

5. Inspect, repair, and clean your property
Before your property is on the market, inspect it top to bottom. View your home as a prospective buyer would. Make a list of everything that needs fixing, painting or cleaning, and then commit to tending to them. Taking care of these items before your property goes on the market will show a prospective buyer pride of ownership, and most likely lead to a much faster sale and a much better return for you.

6. Advertise
When you list a property with sheboyganbyowner.com, your listing on the internet will include your photos and the details of your property.  Don't forget to print fliers for showings and sharing with others. To compete effectively in the marketplace, consider all available means to get the word out including Zillow.com, signs, classified ads, bulletin boards, postcards, business cards, Facebook and word of mouth. Tell everyone you know and everyone you come in contact with, as you never know who is in the market to buy a home, or knows someone looking to buy!  A high percentage of buyers find properties by driving through areas that interest them, so a sign is key. Every property listed with sheboyganbyowner.com has the use of a heavy-duty professional yard sign and post for the duration of the listing. The sign features our web address, a distinctive house logo, and the owner's telephone number prominently displayed.

7. Make yourself available and Get ready to show your property
You receive the calls or emails, so set up the appointment that will work best for your schedule.  If you have kids or pets it would be preferable to have them away at the time of your showings. Allow for natural lighting, open your blinds and curtains.  If its nice out, open the windows as well. Some soft music is a nice touch. Classical or instrumental work best. Be sure to secure all your valuables in a safe place, or consider a safe deposit box until you have a sale. Also, to keep track of whom you speak to, and for security reasons, have all your guests sign in with their name, address and phone number.

8. Putting a sale together
When the time comes to actually "sell" your property, the property itself does much of the selling for you if you have done the necessary preparation.  Naturally, before any sale is complete, both parties must be in agreement on all the details.  All of this involves negotiating, which can make some people uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it is an unavoidable part of the process, but it does not have to be a nerve-racking experience. Many who buy and sell by owner find that without a third party in between them, they are able to communicate easier and more clearly with the other party. Once you have an agreement, put it in written form with the offer, then contact your attorney and/or title company to get the process moving forward toward your closing date. They will discuss what they need from you, and expedite everything required for the closing. When you do reach this point, it is still a good idea to continue marketing your property until all contingencies of the sales agreement have been met, in particular an inspection or loan/appraisal commitment.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.